Tanja. 23. Vienna/ Austria --- People: Tom Hiddleston (+ the Avengers Cast), Ben Whishaw, Jennifer Lawrence, Kat Dennings and Hayley Atwell --- Music: especially Green Day, but there's also an ever-growing obsession with David Bowie --- Movies and TV shows: The Avengers/other Marvel stuff, Skyfall, Sherlock, The Hour, 2 Broke Girls, Teen Wolf --- And Harry Potter. Obviously.



   From a very young age, stories fuelled my imagination in the most wonderful way.    

The Hemsworth brothers doing ice bucket challenge for ALS.
Chris Hemsworth [x]
Liam Hemsworth [x][x]

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Is it just me or does Gerard Way look like mid-1970s Bowie minus the chiselled cheekbones (and hopefully minus the cocaine addiction) right now?

We’re all so desperate to be understood, we forget to be understanding.

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